​Supply Chain Certification Training

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    Master skills for supply chain careers
    Certification for Quartermasters, Logisticians, Supply Technicians and any other specialty that provides support to operations

More Confident 

"I highly recommend Randy Mauldin’s CPSM Boot Camp. I know without a doubt that I will be prepared to take and pass this test when the time comes. Randy is very knowledgeable not only about the content that we need to learn, but more importantly, the strategy behind how to pass the test. Randy kept a great pace and engagement with the class I could not believe how quickly it went by. I feel much more confident in my ability after taking this Boot Camp and would really recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting their CPSM certification."  

- Malia F.

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Virtual Online Training

All-Inclusive Program 
​5-Steps To Earn Certification In 90 Days

Experienced Instructor
Global Access

Organization & Structure

About Your Teacher

Dr. Randall Mauldin, USMC (ret.) CPSM

Randy has helped provided training to help 1000's of supply chain professionals use strategic sourcing as a capability to earn more profits from procurement functions.

Learn more about Dr. Mauldin on LinkedIN

Made It Fun!

""The CPSM Virtual Boot Camp gives me the strong foundation of what I need to do in preparation for the exams; in addition, I now have more knowledge that I can apply to my current job position.  Dr Randall Mauldin is very knowledgeable as well as helpful and he made it fun! "

- Andi W.

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Module 1 - Exam 1 
​Supply Management Core

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Master core fundamentals of supply management to function in procurement to source materials for your organization.

Module 2 - Exam 2 

Supply Management Integration

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Learn how to integrate supply chain management functions to realize corporate goals by using strategic sourcing to support business units.

Module 3 - Exam 3 

Leadership & Transformation in Supply Management

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Master the skills required for trust and credibility within your company to build strategic sourcing and supply chain resilience.

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Certified Professional In Supply Management (CPSM®) credential 

positively impacts your salary and career opportunities


Get Training For Each CPSM Exam

  • All the training and support you need to study for and pass any of the CPSM Exams for the globally recognized CPSM certification.
  • Results are guaranteed, so if you are not successful on the first attempt, we will pay the re-exam fees for the second attempt. Click here for terms and conditions of the guarantee: https://www.cpsmtraining.com/guarantee
  • Program is self-paced, so you can begin anytime. Review your schedule to select best time is to start the program. Plan to spend 1 hour per day, 5 days a week to complete the course in 90 days

Included in the training bundle 
  • Virtual Boot Camp ($1497 Value)
  • Task Specific Training for each exam ($997)
  • Individaul CPSM Exam Learning System ($725)
  • Pass Guarantee ($495 Value)
  • 1-on-1 Coaching

Total value - $3714
NOTE: The CPSM Learning System for individual exam is included with each package. 

Your cost when you enroll for an individual exam training course is $949


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Online E-Learning $1497 Value

Virtual Boot Camp Training Sessions delivered via training portal as an intense training session focused on passing the CPSM® Certification Exam

Task Specific Learning System for each exam ($997 Value)

Included with each individual training course are task specific lessons to help you refine your understanding concepts. 

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CPSM Individual Exam Learning System for each training course ($725 Value)

The CPSM Learning System is the comprehensive digital solution to prepare for the individual exam. 

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Pass Guarantee $425 Value

We stand behind our instruction techniques with a CPSM®  Certification Pass Guarantee. 

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Pass the CPSM Certification Exams on the 1st Attempt 

to become a Certified ​Professional In Supply Management (CPSM®)

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Get all these benefits

Virtual Boot Camp for Individual Exams ($1497 Value)

On-Demand E-Learning for Task Specific Learning ($997 Value) 

12-Month Online Access To Program Content

Certification Coaching 

BONUS: Plus These Benefits

CPSM Individual Learning System Included ($725 Value)

Pass Guarantee ($ 425 Value)

EXAM FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE PRICE OF THE COURSE - You will need to purchase your exams through ISM

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