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Alternative Supply Chain Management Jobs Career Paths

Freelancing and consulting positions are supply chain careers that exist outside the organization. However, freelancing and consulting are entirely different fields, although they can mix from time to time. Whereas most freelance supply chain experts take up smaller tasks within specific functions, the consultant must help the company make a huge decision. However, some freelancers also work in supply chain consulting. To find out more about supply chain freelancing opportunities, click here (link to freelance opportunities page). There are many categories of supply chain consulting positions across different aspects of the supply chain.

The first involves planning or building supply chains. These are strategic consulting positions:

  • Strategy Alignment
  • Business Rationalization
  • Supply Chain Strategy Development
  • Distribution Channel Strategy

However, some supply chain consulting services may also fall within traditional roles; these are called operational supply chain consulting services; they include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Planning And Forecasting
  • Transport Management
  • Technology Selection And Implementation
  • Warehousing And Distribution Center Operations

Smaller companies may also outsource their supply chain technology needs to consultants. These services include:

  • Transport Management Systems
  • Supply Chain Traceability And Visibility Solutions
  • Demand Forecasting Software
  • Sales & Operations Planning Applications
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Material Handling Technology
  • Route Planning And Scheduling Tools

Businesses must also maintain their supply chain performance and most often seek consultants to evaluate and help optimize. These positions are mostly handled by supply chain analysts, and their services may include:

  • Supply Chain Mapping
  • Supply Chain And Logistics Benchmarking
  • Distribution Network Optimization
  • Cost-To-Serve And Time-To-Serve Analyses

Tactical supply chain consulting services include:

  • Business Integration
  • Outsourcing/Insourcing Decisions
  • Assets And Inventory Services
  • Freight Contract Services