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Types of Supply Chain Management Jobs

Do you want to find entry-level supply chain jobs? There are hundreds of them, and SMC.Jobs is here to guide your search.

Here are the most popular supply chain management entry-level positions.

  1. Supply Chain Manager Trainee
  2. Logistics/Supply Chain-Drop shipment Leadership Trainee
  3. Supply Chain Management Assistant
  4. Supply Chain Technician
  5. Manufacturing Planner
  6. Inventory clerk
  7. Assistant Buyer
  8. Purchasing Agent
  9. Cost estimators
  10. Quality Control Inspectors
  11. Wholesale and Retail Buyers
  12. Industrial Engineers
  13. Distribution Managers
  14. Operations Research Analysts

Types of Supply Chain Management Mid-Level Jobs

Although entry-level supply chain management jobs are usually viewed as the starting point of the supply chain, the mid-level is the true inception. This is because the entry-level positions are normally outside of the supply chain.

Before now, the supply chain profession was not clearly marked out; you can begin from anywhere including jobs like marketing.

Mid-level positions may include

  1. Materials Manager
  2. Business Process Analyst
  3. Procurement specialists
  4. Enterprise Functional Analysts
  5. Purchasing analysts
  6. Traffic manager
  7. Category managers
  8. Freight Coordinators
  9. Strategic Sourcing agents
  10. Purchasing Agents
  11. Transportation Supervisor
  12. In-Charge, Project Planning
  13. Research Executive
  14. Technical Supervisor
  15. Production Planner
  16. Vendor Relations Coordinator

Supply Chain Management Director Level

Supply chain directors usually handle different supply chain functions such as sourcing, planning, and purchasing under a single title. Therefore, they must have solid backgrounds in multiple supply chain functions. If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations, now you can consider yourself as a specialist in supply chain management.

As a supply chain director, you can report to non-supply chain roles such as a head of finance, operations, or manufacturing, if you work in a small and medium-sized company. In larger companies, you will report, to supply chain executives (e.g., Chief Supply Chain Officers, Supply Chain Vice Presidents)

Director positions may include the following:

  • Warehouse In-Charge/Supervisor
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Distribution Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Location Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Procurement Director
  • Contracts Director,
  • Strategic Planning Director
  • Tech Support Director

Types of Supply Chain Management Executive Jobs

Like director positions, supply chain management executive level staffs must have multiple backgrounds in supply functions. However, they must also take a step up to harness the bigger picture of everything within the company they work for.

In this position, you must make critical decisions that will not only affect supply chain roles but the entire company.

Some executive roles in supply chain management include

  1. Chief Supply Chain Operations Officer (COO),
  2. Chief Supply Chain Officer,
  3. Vice President, Business & Digital Transformation
  4. Vice President Of Supply Management,
  5. EVP/SVP Of Operations
  6. Operations Executive