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Your Resume Is The First Impression

A resume is a snapshot of you, your education, and your job experience for an employer to look at and consider you as a possible employee. Since your resume is what the employers see first, you will want it to be well-organized and professional looking.

Ideally, a resume should be a one page document, but often, that is not possible for people who have extensive job experience or education. Never have a resume that is over two pages, however.

Keep in mind, that the resume is just a stepping stone to get you into personnel. You can tell the rest during a job interview.

Fitting your professional portfolio into a single page can be difficult sometimes when you start from scratch – no matter how talented you think you are. 

Of course, if you think you can make your own resume look professional and alluring, by all means, try. We all have talents, and maybe your talent is for making a resume.

However, sometime we need a little help and some templates to help you along. That is where a free resume review comes into play.

But if you find yourself staring at your computer wondering where to go after your name and contact information, you may really want to consider free resources to help you get started. 

When you get your free confidential resume review, you’ll receive personalized feedback on:

✔ Design and Formatting

 Content & Structure

 Keywords & Skills

 ATS Compatibility

Stop wondering how your resume looks to recruiters!

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