Supply Chain Managers - How Much Do They Get Paid?

04.23.22 01:15 PM

Supply Chain Managers - How Much Do They Get Paid?

00:20 - Salary By Supply Chain Position
00:51 - Compensation By Years of Supply Chain Experience
01:16 - Pay by Level of Education
01:34 - Type of Supply Chain Jobs
03:00 - Easiest Way To Get Started In Supply Chain
03:08 - Career Path for Supply Chain Management
03:44 - How does supply chain work
03:59 - Free Supply Chain Training - 8 Step Sourcing Process
04:46 - Where to Find Supply Chain Jobs
05:31 - Free Resources for Supply Chain Jobs
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Supply Chain Managers make on average $96,390 per year On the low end $56,970 on the high end average $164140 This is the 2021 Salary survey by ISM the average salary by position and supply chain All the way up to a chief $185,000 is your average
at an emerging practitioner which would be someone entering into the career field looking at an average of $77,501 so this shares with you entering into the supply chain career field you have an opportunity to earn more and grow with different positions as you grow and get more opportunities

just starting out with less than 8 year's of experience you should be about $91,000 in annual salary as you move up the years of experience your salary increases quite a bit
almost 20% per bracket as you continue to go up the chain. Of course as you get hire toward the top of the chain can see it's still gets up there.

How much salary can you expect to earn based on your education level,as a high school graduate and looking right around 80,000. Start to earn more with a bachelor's degree and then on up with a master's degree and doctorate degree. More education equals more salary. What I want to share with you here is career planning. This is where you can find all the different jobs that are available to somebody looking to get involved in the supply chain career fields.

So, let's take a look at some of these jobs. 

These are different jobs types of jobs are available and supply chain career supply chain director material supply planner, supervisor supply chain management specialist, supply chain analyst, supply chain director, supply chain logistics manager supply chain managers supply chain management specialists supportable engineer. 

The types of jobs supply chain is broad. Think about anything it takes to move stuff to your kitchen table. You have supply, supply chain, logistics, logisticians, logistics analysts, logistics analyst, logistics director, logistics engineer, logistics management analyst, logistics operations manager, supply chain logistics manager.

Procurement is another career. Procurement assistant, procurement clerks, Procurement Director, Procurement manager, procurement manager, procurement officer, procurement specialist, procurement specialist
and procurement technician, purchasing category purchasing manager, buyers, purchasing agents, category purchasing managers, purchasing agent, purchasing assistant, purchasing associate, purchasing clerk, purchasing coordinator, purchasing director, purchasing manager, purchasing specialist, purchasing supervisor

The easiest way to get started in supply chain if you have no experience is to go through the warehouse. Become a warehouse cleark or warehouse supervisor. Get started and warehouse into this becomes the fundamental building block of supply chain where everything goes into and comes out of. Everything goes into the warehouse and comes out of the warehouse warehouse the next step is in purchasing.

After spent time in the warehouse, the next thing you want to do is become a buyer or purchasing agent and this will get you involved in the procurement process. 

After doing purchasing, you want to start moving yourself into logistics
after a tour in logistics or time and logistics than you want to start moving toward supply chain

How does supply chain work? Supply chain works by mastering the eight steps of the sourcing of the sourcing process. How do you learn the eight steps of the sourcing process, you go SupplyChainManagement.Jobs free resources and free training. Once you click there overview of the sourcing process. Where you'll better understand what it takes time and the supply chain.  Once you master this process again master this process and then you can start to move within the different elements in positions of the supply chain 'cuz each step has a different functional expertise required for success. 

First think you want to do is master the sourcing process, and then
explore your different expertise that will make you a go to person in the supply chain career field

Best way to find supply chain jobs and where they're located go to find jobs and then explore the different jobs available here, they're always changing. So once you've gone through your career planning, career insights OK put in the different
functional titles find out what job titles looking for here you start to put those job titles into here supply chain manager, for example and then

You want to create a job alert that comes to your e-mail every day and we do the way you do that is come down ->receive alerts, put it in, create an alert and it will send it to you every day

Let's go about the different free resources available to you, once you create an account at SupplyChainManagement.Jobs. Of course you have job search, career planning which we've talked about so far, but then you can also manage your resume
here you want to upload your resume, upload a resume, and then you can get a free professional resume writer work with you to understand how your resume is actually being presented to employers also have a lot of different resources involved at career resource center resume, interviewing, preparation, upload your resume.

Gives you a lot more resources and educational on how to manage your supply chain
supply chain career field. Of course we have some resources on our YouTube channel "supply chain management jobs" YouTube channel where you have. ways to short cut your way to success, career mistakes, career strategies, 8 steps of the sourcing process, ways to find a supply chain management job all of these resources are available when you become a member or subscriber of supply chain management jobs YouTube channel.

Lots of free information more and more information so you can get access when we have new videos uploaded for you to review. Get access when we have new videos applauded for you to review 

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