Fifth Mistake In Your Supply Chain Management Career- Missing Metrics To Measure Process

By - Randy
03.06.21 09:13 PM

The fifth mistake is Missing Metrics To Measure Your Supply Chain Management Jobs Career Process

You Don't Know When Something Is Working

The way you know if your strategy is working or not is by monitoring it closely. But you'll face the same problems with monitoring as you faced with everything else: there are just too many options available and you can't monitor everything at once.

Supply Chain Management Metrics

To say that analytics software programs are "robust" with features would be an understatement. These software programs are designed with the capability to monitor every single aspect of your business. You can have customized reports that detail everything, and it's tempting to take advantage of this.

But the key to success is to simplify, and just as multitasking doesn't get you closer to any of your goals. You can drown in a sea of too many metrics and kill your productivity.

Take whichever program you will use and examine its features. With your goal in mind, choose just a handful of metrics that will tell you clearly whether you're reaching your goal or not. Ignore the rest.

Not only is this approach more focused, but it will also save you a great deal of time. You need to check your analytics on a regular basis and with just a few simple metrics to check, it's something you can do quickly.

Supply Chain Management Jobs

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